The Story of HEMI

(Music Documentary)

Welcome To Bombtown: The Story of HEMI - Teaser Poster This in-depth documentary feature was intended to focus on the struggles, triumphs, setbacks, and success of the Chicago heavy metal band HEMI.  However, numerous setbacks with line-up changes and everything that goes along with life and the like derailed plans to follow through on this project. 

Numerous interviews were shot with the 2010-2013 line-up of HEMI talking about their history and perceived future.  Regardless of their setbacks, HEMI has continued to perservere with a three-piece arrangement with guitarist Tim Wilkens joining founding membrs Trent Zuberi and Mike Cieplik.  If any of the interview footage for this documentary project will ever be released is unknown, but you can view two trailers below of what was originally intended at the time of production.  A more recent interview with frontman Trent Zuberi and former lead guitarist Ryan Kramar can be found on The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire DVD

Director Of Photography
Nicholas J. Michalak

Produced by
Nicholas J. Michalak
Trent Zuberi

Edited & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak

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