News & Updates
Spring, 2020

Forever Cinematic
• Retrospective videos are still rolling out for titles such as Constantine, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and the Sean Connery sci-fi thriller Outland. Much of this was to support the Kickstarter for the In Search of Tomorrow documentary on 1980's Sci-Fi Films. This is from the producers of In Search of Darkness & In Search of the Last Action Heroes. With that campiagn concluding on May 17th, the channel will diverge from that genre for a bit with a potential review on the Al Pacino thriller Sea of Love before delving into the 1987 Kyle MacLaughling / Michael Nouri film The Hidden. Steve and I remain ready to begin recording commentaries once circumstances become more favorable towards us getting together again. Until then, I will continue to churn out commentaries and video updates to discuss some lightweight topics regarding film and television series. We all hope you're staying well!



• During these difficult times where Trent, Tim, Sean, & Guppy are unable to rehearse or record new music, I took it upon myself to splcie together a live music video for their 2014 track "Ashes to Ashes." Using some good quality audio from a show last year, I culled together many of the performances this line-up had done for the past few years to make this happen. The studio track is featured on their Undivided Intentions album, which can be found on all digital music platforms!

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