The Kill Shot website has been relaunched as to have a proper home for what this crime drama web series project did achieve.  After more than two and a half years of constant setbacks, scheduling struggles, and various production logistical difficulties, all production on Kill Shot was terminated.  The issues with attempting to continue forward became insurmountable as some cast members dropped out, and the ever evolving storylines simply grew out of control.  Ultimately, it was decided that an open ended break was needed to re-focus and solidify the RavensFilm Productions brand name.

The web series produced two complete episodes, which exceeded expectations, a few scattered scenes from other episodes, and a few trailers showcasing some unreleased footage. You can browse this website to see what the potential of this large undertaking once was, and what sparks of greatness it captured on camera.  The book is never fully closed on Kill Shot as the future can bring new opportunities, if not as a film production, perhaps in another medium to see this complex, interweaving story of murder, manipulation, and deceit released to the public.