The Fixer
News & Updates [4.2018]
• The long, arduous journey of this film is finally coming to an end.  Musician Tim Wilkens, guitarist for HEMI, will be finalizing production on the final piece of music for the film's vital soundtrack.  For years, prospects have arisen and been dashed, other musicians have started but never finished, and so, it is a very enthusiastic moment to say that this is coming to conclusion.  Tim already re-worked the track in question for the latest album release from HEMI entitled Avalon.  That version has a more heavy metal slant to it whereas the track for the film will have a more 1980's synth rock ambiance to it.  Teamed with super producer AJ Kolar of TAG Music Studios, this project will be coming to a close this Spring.

Options for the film's release are being considered now.  As Amazon Prime Video now requires all films to be submitted with full subtitle tracks, it is unlikely that The Fixer will be able to reach that platform.  The lowest cost option is to pay a service $1-3 per minute to subtitle and caption the entire film, which runs over 95 minutes long.  While physical media is less popular now for independent films of this smaller scale, a features packed set is still being hoped for, but not for certain at this time.  In the least, the film will be featured on the official RFP YouTube and Vimeo accounts.  More information will be known closer to the final completion of post-production.

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