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X. Franklin

The casting of the role of X. Franklin, a gruff and realisitc minded friend of Vic Simmons, was quite challenging.  Beyond simply the fact that the character had been extensively developed in previous unproduced scripts, he had a unique mentality and vibe to capture on screen.  After scheduling conflicts forced the original actor to bow out, Ryan answered the casting call for a new X. Franklin, and having previous experience with actor Nick Doetsch on a CourtTV series shoot, the casting decision became very obvious.  Ryan has since gone on to become a SAG actor, the spokesperson for Empire Today (Carpet), and a multi-time Emmy Award Winner & Nominee as host for the WGN series Weekend Workbench.  He would have a brief cameo in the ill-fated P.I. Dangerous RavensFilm short film alongside Jack Demerest actor CJ Koenig.

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