The Fixer
The Cast & Crew of The Fixer Nick Doetsch
Vic Simmons

Nick was one of the very first actor cast for The Fixer, and remained thoroughly committed to the production when various setbacks extended filming out for over a year.  His commitment also spoke well of the quality of filmmakers involved throughout production.  He became good friends with director Nick Michalak and Cinematographers Allec Isshac and Eric Woltman. He would re-team with RavensFilm Productions on Kill Shot in another lead role as well as the ill-fated P.I. Dangerous short film. He has since gone on as a Captain Jack Sparrow costumed entertainer in Florida and North Carolina, and continued acting in other films and web series.  Prior to their involvement in RavensFilm, Nick starred alongside Vengeance cast member Frank Gangarossa in the indpendent feature film Black Days.

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