The Fixer
The Cast & Crew of The Fixer Michael D. Molloy
Kurt Demerest

The character of repo man Kurt Demerest was originally written in as an off-screen phone call with lead character Vic Simmons.  However, when casting auditions went so well to have more prime talent than there were roles to go around, Kurt was written into an on-screen role with multiple scenes.  Yet, when the shooting schedule was thrown out of whack from the unprofessional departure of a key crew member, a new actor had to be sought for Kurt as his girlfriend Sandra had already been securely cast.  After two auditions, both opposite Nick Doetsch, Michael Molloy was the perfect choice.  Bringing both the needed friction between Kurt and Vic Simmons as well as a heartfelt, charismatic, and weighty quality opposite CJ Koenig and Heather Schlitt (portraying his brother Jack and girlfriend Sandra, respectively), every beat was hit excellently by Michael.  A few years after The Fixer, Michael chose to venture to California to seek out new opportunities in his life and career.  A potential Kurt Demerest spin-off script was partially written called Repo'd, but was never completed.  Yet, one scene from it with Kurt and Vic was used in the audition process.

The Fixer
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