The Fixer
The Music of The Fixer
Jim Luke Jim Luke

Jim is a country, rock, and hip-hop songwriter. He began drumming on pots and pans before he could walk, and had a drumset by age 10. Jim played in numerous country, rock, and pop bands in his teens and twenties around the St. Joe and Kansas City, Missouri area. He started playing piano and guitar in his late teens / early twenties and now concentrates on songwriting - "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" is in "Get Lost: Oregon." This film by Brian Van Buskirk and Dru Martin ( captures a fifteen-hundred mile trip from California to Washington, and includes breath-taking scenery, incredible cinematography, and a great soundtrack. "Dear Beer" and "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" are on a TSP Country music compilation (, and are getting airplay in Australia, England, Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, and the U.S. Jim has recently signed a licensing agreement with LPJ Entertainment in Beverly Hills, CA which promotes music to movie and TV production companies.

As of December, 2017, Jim went to Edgewater Studios in Houston, Texas to record a 4 song EP. He counts it as a great experience where the entire crew was amazing.

In September of 2008, Jim responded to a call for music for RavensFilm Productions’ film The Fixer, and his song “Remember” was just exactly what was desired for its ending credits. The sound of the track was very similar to the Tangerine Dream piece that closed out the 1981 Michael Mann film Thief. The spacial atmosphere and the smooth, soulful guitar really would give The Fixer a powerful conclusion. Jim was very timely and cooperative in signing the track onto the film. “Remember” would also give the film’s final trailer a powerful emotional boost, and a fine punctuation on an extensive marketing campaign.
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