The Fixer
The Music of The Fixer
“Fire In The Sky”

Armed with loud guitars, aggressive vocals, and thunderous drums this Chicago based group sets its attack on the heavy metal world by incorporating old school influences with modern day style and storytelling.

Since the band’s inception in 2003, HEMI has always been determined to be a group that carried the torch of the true heavy metal sound pioneered by the legendary acts of the 1970’s and 1980’s that influenced them so greatly. Taking such influence and blending it with a unique, modern approach, HEMI has produced a sound that places them in a category that they have dubbed "Strong Style Heavy Metal."

Formed in their hometown of Chicago, the band set its goals early and cut several demos with various lineups throughout the years before recording and releasing their debut album "Fire in the Sky" in 2007. Met with an overwhelming response, "Fire in the Sky" quickly catapulted HEMI into an underground mainstream which caught not only the eyes and ears of thousands of new fans, but also, critics and industry professionals alike such as famed producer Michael Wagener who gave the band very positive reviews on their work. "Fire in the Sky" was consequently distributed digitally to every major downloadable channel, and is also famous for being the only independently released LP to be distributed by Hot Topic stores across the country.

In late February of 2008, filmmaker Nick Michalak was searching for music to be featured in The Fixer, and a scene between Jack Logan & X. Franklin in the latter half of the film was not primarily thought of. However, playing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” underneath it, the feeling was that a solid metal track accompanying the scene would add an extra flavor to the two characters, and possibly add a momentary mood shift. He began searching social media for metal bands with a more 80s Metallica / Judas Priest style of sound, but what was mostly encountered were ‘nu metal’ growling vocals and down-tuned guitars. Then, HEMI was discovered - a Chicago band with those obvious influences. The title track to their first album Fire in the Sky, was wanted for this brief scene. He saw a unique opportunity to work with HEMI further documenting the film’s release and their involvement by producing a music video for the album's title track. The video was an instant success, and it helped expose HEMI even further to a worldwide audience.

Releases in subsequent years included 2011’s live album The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire, which was recorded and produced by RavensFilm Productions, the greatly anticipated second studio album 2014’s Undivided Intentions featuring a new three piece line-up with guitarist Tim Wilkens, and their 2018 follow-up Avalon. That album brought a brand new collaboration with RavensFilm Productions with the “Re/Vengeance” music video. The future continues to be full of opportunity for the metal band that has perserved for 15 years through numerous line-up changes, and strong collaborations with talented forces.


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