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Jack Demerest

The casting of the emotional counsel to the brooding Vic Simmons required a special charisma and heartfelt charm.  Fortunately, CJ Koenig auditioned greatly as Jack Demerest. His engaging, cool vibe was the right touch, and his bonding with lead actor Nick Doetsch throughout production added even more to their on-screen relationship.  He was always great to have around during a shoot, and maintained a great positivity throughout.  Working around his schedule took some doing as CJ works across the country as a Master of Ceremonies as owner of Elite Force Entertainment and co-owner of Storm Interactive Entertainment.  He was born in New York, but eventually moved to Chicago after generating traction in his entertainment career. Today, CJ continues to entertain crowds with his high production values and magnetic charisma. He and Nick Doetsch would work again on the RavensFilm web series Kill Shot, but the project ran into insurmountable difficulties, leaving their episode together unfinished.  CJ would cameo in one scene in the P.I. Dangerous short film alongside X. Franklin actor Ryan Salzwedel.

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