The Fixer
The Music of The Fixer
Apocalypse Cow Apocalypse Cow
“Taillights Fade” • “Kickback Shock” • “Fade To Blonde”
“You Don’t Care About Us”
“Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams (The Fixer Edit)”

Apocalypse Cow Productions was a force of mainly three composers (with the occasional collaborator) who worked collectively towards creating inventive music, whether it was for film, television or artists.

The two brothers (Jeffrey and Dan Jeremy) and wife (Theresa) had been writing songs or involved in music since childhood and founded Apocalypse Cow in 1999 when their hobby demanded turning into a full time family business. Since then, they have created music videos, scored films, produced charting rock albums, mixed film audio and written music for network television, arcade games, DVD releases, music libraries and more. Apocalypse Cow also housed a full recording studio so musicians can easily be recorded live when needed.

By 2016, Apocalypse Cow chose to unofficially close their business, but left behind a strong legacy of music and collaborations that aided many artists, including RavensFilm Productions and The Fixer. Filmmaker Nick Michalak came into contact with Apocalypse Cow when they answered his ad looking for composers to score the original teaser trailer for The Fixer in June of 2007. Weeks later, the track that they produced was “Taillights Fade.” While it wasn’t initially what was envisioned, the track would later come into prominent play through the musical tapestry of the film and its marketing campaign. As Jeffrey, Dan, and Theresa became more swamped with clients, things continued to progress with the film’s production and editing.

Eventually, in February of 2008, with principal photography finally complete, it was decided that a trailer had to be cut together using what was available, in terms of music. So, a trailer was cut together around “Taillights Fade,” becoming the first official teaser trailer. It was decided, at this time, that “Taillights Fade” would be used as a main theme for The Fixer. It would appear in all the film’s trailers, and came to bookend the film nicely. Apocalypse Cow’s intriguing 1980s style new wave rock tracks “Kickback Shock,” “Fade To Blonde,” & “You Don‘t Care About Us” were chosen to be featured in various sequences throughout the movie. The final track acquired was originally composed but swapped out for another track for RavensFilm Productions’ short film Dead Of Night. Multiple versions of “Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams” were edited together for another one of the film’s montage sequences, originally intended to feature “Vic’s Theme,” a track which never came to be.


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