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HEMI Along The Parallel
“Messiah's Anthem"

Comprised of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds, Along The Parallel is a true collaboration between its five members. Residing in Chicago, they bring together their individual sound and experience to create music that exudes their undeniable chemistry as a group. Known for their high energy live performance, Along the Parallel has headlined venues all over the chicago-land area, consistently drawing well above average sized crowds, and has played as direct support for such national bands as Taproot, Sevendust and Karnivool.

In the summer of 2008, Along The Parallel played the Double Door in Chicago alongside HEMI, who had already signed their debut album’s title track, “Fire In The Sky,” onto The Fixer. While it was only one show, filmmaker Nick Michalak friended them on social media, and never entirely forgot about the band. In the intervening years Michalak was sent countless tracks by his more than a dozen music supervisors who came and went during post-production for the film’s opening title sequence. Not a single track in the dozens he listened to had the right energy, intensity, or style. Nearly two years after that Double Door show, Nick Michalak woke up one day intent on perusing bands on social medai once more, and went right to check out ATP's music. “Messiah’s Anthem” struck the right chord, and was instantly the dead-on perfect track for the film’s main title sequence. However, it would be a few months before the deal would be final as Along The Parallel went into the studio to properly record songs for their EP “Word of Mind.” Once the master was back to them, the contract was signed, and the deal was on. Immediately, the band was fused with the film with a new trailer promoting the musicians involved with the film. Michalak was so pleased with the song, he shot additional footage in downtown Chicago to extend the opening title sequence to incorporate more of the song into the film. The cross-promotion was perfect timing with the “Word of Mind” EP’s December 10th, 2010 release.


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