Nicholas J. MichalakI, Nicholas J. Michalak, created RavensFilm Productions in Spring, 2004 as a serious statement that filmmaking would be my life's passion.  What began as a focus on comedic shorts eventually veered toward more dramatic and noir style narratives born from my evolving fandom of the work of Chicago born filmmaker Michael Mann.

RavensFilm Productions has been aided by an array of highly talented actors and filmmakers across Chicagoland over the years.  This includes cinematographer and steadicam operator Eric Woltman, whom I have shot many projects with.  Also, since 2008, I have had a standing collaboration with Chicago metal band HEMI which includes numerous music videos, the designing and maintaing of their official website, assembling the art layouts for their albums, and shooting nearly all of their live shows since 2011.  As of 2014, I have been in an on-going collaboration with Wisconsin-based Josh Hadley of 12:01 Beyond Productions in producing a semi-regular video magazine of unique films, music videos, and other fascinating, entertaining pieces of interest.  We have also begun working with Xcess Entertainment in producing featurettes for their Blu-Ray releases of cult films.  The first of which was released in 2018 for The Rabid (aka Beast With A Gun, Mad Dog Killer).

As of 2011, RavensFilm Productions is a registered Service Mark in the State of Illinois.  That only further legitimized RavensFilm Productions in my eyes, and the expansion to offering a variety of video production and web design services broke open the possibilites wide open for what RavensFilm Productions could grow into becoming.

The year of 2012 brought about a newly remastered Special Edition DVD release of my first ever completed film in Dead of Night.  Also, since early 2013, it was decided to take the Forever Cinematic movie reviews WordPress blog from the written format into full blown videos.  These have become the backbone of the RFP YouTube Channel which has grown to nearly 4,000 subscribers in that time.  Produced as in-depth, passionate, and well-researched reviews of various genres of film, I have refined my quality and approach over the years to much praise and loyal followers.  In late 2016, Forever Cinematic Commentaries with my friends Trent Zuberi and Steve Frazier joining me in feature length commentaries on popular films was added to the channel.  And finally, in 2019, the triumphant release of The Fixer arrived after many long years of struggles to bring the feature film to completion.

Brand new projects continue to develop for RavensFilm Productions in filmmaking, music videos, and YouTube video content.