(Action Thriller Short Film)

Welcome To Bombtown: The Story of HEMI - Teaser PosterThe very first film project that got off the ground for RavensFilm Productions centered around a syndicate hitman who is betrayed by his own people and left for dead only to survive to exact vengeance on everyone responsible.  Assembling an array of actors with a spectrum of experience levels, lead off by a very committed and talented actor as the wronged hitter Vance Derricks, the digital video short started off promisingly, but fell into many production issues after a few weeks.  Between being unable to secure key locations and having issues with behind the scenes personnel as well as being up against an ultimate deadline of losing our lead actor, everything quickly fell apart.

While the footage has nostalgic and sentimental value to myself, it certainly is very run n' gun low grade stuff that did have some energizing talent in front of the camera. However, my inexperience at the time didn't lend to the best technical or artistic qualitites being exercised. Yet, the experienced gained was needed in order to grow and develop myself forward towards my next project The Fixer.  You can view select footage in the 2013 promotion reel for RavensFilm Productions.

Director Of Photography
Nicholas J. Michalak

Written, Produced, & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak