(Short Film)

Welcome To Bombtown: The Story of HEMI - Teaser Poster Synopsis: On the streets of Chicago, a lone man exacts justice wherever possible.  Self-nicknamed "P.I. Dangerous" after a police captain's insistance that "P.I.'s are nothing but dangerous," and who was once a dedicated private investigator himself, Michael A. Flossman, has run a long road of crime-fighting without the aid of a badge.  An extensive gallery of friends and allies have helped him to re-enforce what a hero is.  However, he has never mended his rocky relationship with his younger brother Matthew sparked by the accidental death of their parents when they were young.  Now, Michael targets a corrupt and dangerous police detective while running down the black market perscription drugs and narcotics smuggling of a major pharmaceuticals company.  On these streets, justice wears no mask, and could not be more dangerous.

Director Of Photography
Eric Woltman

Produced by
Nicholas J. Michalak

Edited, Written, Produced, & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak

Format: 1080p HDV / 24fps
Camera: Sony HVR-Z7U

A Note From Nicholas J. Michalak:
P.I. Dangerous was intended to be RavensFilm Productions' giant leap forward in production quality and scope after the successful completion of Dead of Night in 2009. However, despite assembling a large and very passionate crew ready to kick ass, and an immensely talented cast sold on my enthusiasm and leadership skills, a few vital cogs in the production team fell through due to either other professional commitments or personal life turbulences.  The production could not move forward without these individuals, and thus, production took a sharp crash and burn nose dive.  A brief attempt was made to restart things in August of 2010, but it became merely a flash in the pan after cinematographer Eric Woltman's Sony camcorder was accidentally damaged, leaving us with no camera to shoot with.  Ultimately, P.I. Dangerouswas attempted at the wrong point in time for some people, and while the screenplay remains very solid and generally quite filmable, it is the production values involved that made things more difficult to move forward on it.  Regardless, a teaser trailer and one complete scene have been officially released, and you can watch them in 1080p high definition below.  A few additional snippets of footage can be viewed in the 2009, 2011, & 2013 RavensFilm Productions Promo Reels.