(Web Series)

Welcome To Bombtown: The Story of HEMI - Teaser Poster Synopsis: Three rival hitman - Maynard, Graham, & Lou - violently clash in a web of deceit, manipulation, and death towards an ultimate, final confrontation. These men impact each others’ lives, both physically and psychologically, with severe consequences leaving a trail of carnage behind them. Along this dangerous path, they intersect with many crooked, powerful, and lethal individuals who all forge the shape of their own fates, and these three men are the instruments which can end them. At the very end, only one character throughout the entire series will survive.

Shot, Edited, Written, Produced, & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak

Featuring "Welcome to Bombtown" by HEMI

Format: SDV
Camera: Sony DCR-VX2100

A Note From Nicholas J. Michalak:
Kill Shot ended up being a far more ambitious project in terms of size than originally anticipated.  Between the extensive cast for this 10 episode web series and the logisitics of scheduling as well as locations it became insurmountable after two and a half years of attempting to gain significant headway on the project.  A lot of talented actors, unfortunately, never got to film their roles.  Worse yet, in a way, all the setbacks allowed for so many creative ideas to flourish and be injected into the scripts that it was just more than could practically be handled without a proper budget to maintain stability and efficiency throughout production.  However, two episodes were completed very early on which are available for viewing here.  They do work as self-contained stories, but obviously, leave a lot of room for further exploration of the characters of Maynard and Lou.  While scenes were filmed for the third hitter in Graham, none of those episodes ever finished filming.  An IndieGoGo campaign was attempted at one point, but was a complete bust. The ideas and storylines remain very exciting to revisit, but it seems unlikely that Kill Shot will ever see a resurrection.  Trailers featuring additional footage can be found on the Vimeo and YouTube Channels.