(Proof of Concept Trailer)

Welcome To Bombtown: The Story of HEMI - Teaser Poster Louis Weinberger's erotic thriller novel Into The Devil's Reach tells the story of an undercover cop, Detective Jennifer Mueller, who is drawn into a dark, violent case of a serial killer and a satanic cult.  Having completed and released the novel and commissioned a graphic novel adaptation of it, Louis pushed forward with a screenplay and the desire to create a "proof of concept" trailer.  This would be used to demonstrate how this story could be visualized to potential investors or movie studios to entice a full blown production.  Louis discovered RavensFilm Productions, and saw the perfect talent from what had already been produced with The Fixer and Dead of Night.  The partnership was sparked, and several months of collaboration and planning resulted in a mid-November, 2013 shoot in Schererville, Indiana and Joliet, Illinois.  The ultimate result of this project was released on March 1st, 2014 with a great sense of contentment and accomplishment.

Director Of Photography
Nicholas J. Michalak

Produced & Executive Produced by
Louis Weinberger

Edited & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak

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