(Music Video)

This music video was created and released in anticipation of the release of the band's first live album The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire, and the long awaited release of RavensFilm Productions' feature film The Fixer.  While it is only the original studio track appearing in the film, it was only fitting to put out a new video with the current line-up cross-promoted with the movie. Featuring never before released footage from the film, and a compilation of live performance videography shot by RavensFilm Productions of HEMI over the past year, this proved to be an exciting release for both parties. The album itself was recorded, edited, and mixed by Nicholas J. Michalak of RavensFilm Productions.

Trent Zuberi (Vox / Bass)
Ryan "Exquisite Corpse" Kramar (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals)
Dave "Mr. MaD" Perez (Rhythm Guitar)
Mike "Guppy" Cieplik (Drums / Percussion)

Director Of Photography
Nicholas J. Michalak

Edited, Produced, & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak

Format: Standard Definition DV
Cameras: Sony DCR-VX2100

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