(Music Video)

This music video was produced as a cross-promotional piece for Chicago metal band HEMI and RavensFilm Productions' feature film The Fixer.  The title track to the band's debut album was signed onto the film in March, 2008, this video was shot in September, 2008, and released online the following month.  It has since garnered more than 17,000 views all over the internet, and brought the band and the film great exposure.  The original video features clips from the movie.  An alternate performance-only version was also released in early 2009.  The original version saw its sole public screening at Firestarter Films #11 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 5th, 2010.  Frontman Trent Zuberi and filmmaker Nick Michalak were on hand to present the music video.

Trent Zuberi (Vox / Bass)
Kat Klueppel (Guitar / Backing Vocals)
Erik Alvarez (Lead Guitar)
Mike "Guppy" Cieplik (Drums / Percussion)

Director Of Photography
Eric Woltman

Gaffer / Grips
Eric Woltman
Steve Vargas

Edited & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak

Format: Standard Definition DV
Cameras: Sony HDR FX1 / Sony DCR-VX2100


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