News & Updates
June, 2019

Forever Cinematic
• A brand new review has arrived for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan after covering the very first Trek film earlier this year. Things are progressing forward with additional new content including a 30th Anniversary commentary for Tim Burton's Batman in addition to ones for 1993's The Fugitive and 1987's Beverly Hills Cop II. Steve & I will begin our commentary series on Wes Craven's Scream franchise soon as well.

New Film Projects
• I am fairly proud to say that a horror / thriller script I've been working on for quite some time finally has a complete draft. I am still polishing up certain points in it before I proceed forward with any pre-production intentions. It will be a short film that I hope can be shot before the summer's end, but we shall see what happens.

The Fixer

• The neo noir feature thriller is finally available on Special Edition DVD and Amazon Prime Video! The DVD contains a full-length audio commentary, an Alternate Scenes Archive, two HEMI music videos for "Fire in the Sky," a Behind The Scenes featurette on the making of the original video, and Vibrant Noir: The Look & Sound of The Fixer featurette. You can purchase the DVD right now from Amazon! All US & UK Prime Video links are available in the Online Store and the Official Website.

Dead of Night
• The 30 minute film noir horror / thriller has returned to Amazon Prime Video now that the marketing materials meet their new criteria, and a new higher bitrate master was uploaded.  This should be the best quality the short film has been presented in so far!  LInks are available in the Online Store.

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