News & Updates
December, 2018

The Fixer
• After many long years of struggles with soundtrack elements and setbacks of all kinds the first feature film from RavensFilm Productions is finally on the verge of 100% completion!  It will be released soon on Amazon Instant Video & Special Edition DVD.  The pending disc release will feature a filmmaker audio commentary and alternate scenes.  Further details will be announced once they are finalized.  Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this independent feature a reality from the actors, crew, and the amazing musicians that contributed their songs to the overall vision.  It is currently enjoying a private early release to all of these great people as a personal holiday gift from me to them.

Forever Cinematic
• With things being very daunting getting all the final technical elements of The Fixer resolved, things have been a bit more sparse on the YouTube Channel with commentaries being the main releases as of late.  However, a review of Robert Rodriguez's Desperado was recently produced.  Content should return to a more normal pattern and balance in the New Year.

@RavensFilm on Instagram
• A lot of content has been flourishing on the RavensFilm Instagram account.  I have been sharing numerous behind the scenes and film stills of our various productions over the years.  Plus, I've been to a few phenomenal concerts this year, and have discovered a lot of fantastic artists along the way.  My experiences have been documented on Instagram along with many week-to-week happenings in life as a more personal outlet for myself.  I hope you will follow and enjoy what I've had to share there.

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