News & Updates
February, 2019

The Fixer
• After months of rigorously tweaking, refining, and filtering everything possible to make the film the very best that it can be, The Fixer is finally available on Special Edition DVD and Amazon Prime Video! The DVD contains a full-length audio commentary, an Alternate Scenes Archive, two HEMI music videos for "Fire in the Sky," a Behind The Scenes featurette on the making of the original video, and Vibrant Noir: The Look & Sound of The Fixer featurette. You can purchase the DVD right now from Amazon! All US & UK Prime Video links are available in the Online Store and the Official Website.

Dead of Night
• The 30 minute film noir horror / thriller has returned to Amazon Prime Video now that the marketing materials meet their new criteria, and a new higher bitrate master was uploaded. The previous version was ripped by them from the DVD transfer, likely forcing compression on top of compression.  This should be the best quality the short film has been presented in so far.  Since this is the 10th anniversary of its initial release I am hoping to upgrade the DVD release as Amazon is also offering dual-layered DVDs as part of their Media On Demand service, but that is still a few months away.  Details will follow in due time on the Official Website.

Forever Cinematic
• With things being very daunting getting all the final technical elements of The Fixer resolved, things have been a bit more sparse on the YouTube Channel with commentaries being the main releases as of late.  However, a review of Star Trek: The Motion Picture has hit the Patreon account, and will arrive on YouTube shortly thereafter.  Content should return to a more normal pattern and balance very soon.

@RavensFilm on Instagram
• A lot of content has been flourishing on the RavensFilm Instagram account.  I have been sharing numerous behind the scenes and film stills of our various productions over the years.  Plus, I've been to a few phenomenal concerts this year, and have discovered a lot of fantastic artists along the way.  My experiences have been documented on Instagram along with many week-to-week happenings in life as a more personal outlet for myself.  I hope you will follow and enjoy what I've had to share there.

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