News & Updates
Summer, 2017

Forever Cinematic
• Recently, reviews for the blockbuster hit Wonder Woman and the lesser successful Alien: Covenant have hit the YouTube Channel.  I also dropped my mega-sized review of Michael Mann's Manhunter, and new commentaries arrived for Lethal Weapon and some Steven Seagal films.  More great videos are in the works as the season rolls forward.  Stay posted and subscribe to the channel!

• The band is in the midst of recording their next studio album due out this summer. They debuted "Re/Vengeance" at their latest live show at the Live Wire Lounge in Chicago to a packed house of raucous fans.  The show can be viewed on the band's YouTube Channel.  Currently, a website revamp is underway for the band by RavensFilm.  It should debut this June.

The Fixer
• New music is being recorded and fully produced for this feature film by HEMI guitarist Tim Wilkens and TAG Music Studios producer AJ Kolar.  The foundation has been exquisitely laid with a fantastic piece of work that is currently being worked with inside the context of the film itself.  More details on this as it develops, but it's been well worth at least some measure of the wait this film has put me through.  I couldn't be more pleased with how beautifully this track came together in the matter of a few hours with Tim's virtuoso talent and AJ's slick professional quality.  Stay posted for more soon!

12:01 Beyond
• Josh Hadley & I are continuing our collaborations with a joint effort in producing a featurette for a European DVD / Blu-Ray distributor.  Already completed is one for the Italian exploitation feature Mad Dog Killer (aka Beast With A Gun).  With Josh's cult and exploitation film knowledge, producing savvy, and my video editing expertise, it creates a superb combination to push forward with.

Meanwhile, the eclectic 12:01 Beyond video magazine from Josh Hadley and myself has become an enormous success on OSI 74. Now available via the free Roku app, the episodes can be viewed and enjoyed in their entirety from the comfort of your couch. They can also be seen via the Vimeo app on any device via the RFP Vimeo account. Josh & I are hoping to assemble a return episode sometime soon.