News & Updates
May, 2019

New iMac & Software Upgrades
• Following the essential death of my Mid-2010 Mac Pro, I have upgraded to a 2017 refurbished iMac which has sped up my render times and editing workflow (especially now that I have shaken out the difficulties with Final Cut Pro X). I also took a great deal on the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan, and so, I have the full use of Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, and Premiere Pro for, at least, the next year. I also upgraded my screenwriting software of Final Draft to the latest version.

Much of these upgrades were intended as Patreon goals, but cirucmstances forced them to happen, regardless. So, that's been a lot of money flying out to maintain the ability to keep developing and producing projects for film and video. So, any support given to RavensFilm Productions whether it is via Patreon, watching or renting our films on Amazon Prime, or continuing to watch the YouTube content is well appreciated!

Forever Cinematic
• A review of the 1995 James Bond movie GoldenEye has been dropped on the channel! Things are to return to a regular output schedule as I have well aclimated myself to Final Cut Pro X, and have a good path ahead of me for my next couple of reviews. Commentaries continue soon with the completion of the Final Destination franchise as well as some special one-off horror and a 30th anniversary commentary for a certain superhero movie. More to come in the near future!

New Film Projects
• For 2019, I am intent on developing new screenplays to put in front of a camera this Spring / Summer.  These are short films that will range from familiar to new ground material that I am very much excited about.  I hope to bring reliable and trusted collaborators in on these productions to re-ignite our collective energies and passions for film!  More details to come as things develop.

The Fixer

• The neo noir feature thriller is finally available on Special Edition DVD and Amazon Prime Video! The DVD contains a full-length audio commentary, an Alternate Scenes Archive, two HEMI music videos for "Fire in the Sky," a Behind The Scenes featurette on the making of the original video, and Vibrant Noir: The Look & Sound of The Fixer featurette. You can purchase the DVD right now from Amazon! All US & UK Prime Video links are available in the Online Store and the Official Website.

Dead of Night
• The 30 minute film noir horror / thriller has returned to Amazon Prime Video now that the marketing materials meet their new criteria, and a new higher bitrate master was uploaded.  This should be the best quality the short film has been presented in so far!  LInks are available in the Online Store.

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