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Autumn, 2020

Forever Cinematic
• We are ramping up towards Forever Horror Month now with films such as 2020's The Invisible Man & 1999's The Blair Witch Project being forefront on the list of reviews.  Meanwhile, Steve Frazier & I will be covering the first three Saw movies in commentary form.  However, dropping at the end of September is a review video for 1987's sci-fi thriller The Hidden, directed by Jack Sholder.

Furthermore, a new YouTube series has been launched with the Retro Video Series covering films that have been a bit left behind in the HD digital age of home video.  Whether it's the entire film itself, an alternate cut of the film, or maybe a very unique release on Laserdisc, VHS, or DVD that never got replicated on a currently in-print format, I'm endeavoring to bring them to light in this series.  The initial episode covered the Unrated Director's Cut of 1996's Scream, which has not seen the light of day since Laserdisc and maybe a DVD release in some international territory.  The second episode has dropped covering James Cameron's The Abyss & True Lies which are stuck in the standard defintion age in old Laserdisc-sourced transfers.  Another episode is being looked into for Forever Horror Month, but is not yet confirmed at this time.



• During these difficult times where Trent, Tim, Sean, & Guppy are unable to rehearse or record new music, I took it upon myself to splcie together a live music video for their 2014 track "Ashes to Ashes." Using some good quality audio from a show last year, I culled together many of the performances this line-up had done for the past few years to make this happen. The studio track is featured on their Undivided Intentions album, which can be found on all digital music platforms!

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