News & Updates
March, 2018

• The newest music video for the Chicago metal band's newest album Avalon has been released across YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.  The "Re/Vengeance" music video was shot, edited, and directed by myself, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results!  Avalon is another wickedly solid six track masterwork is available on all streaming music sites as well as physical CD releases, which feature artwork layouts by RavensFilm Productions.  Further details are available on their official website.

Forever Cinematic
• A great deal has been developing on the YouTube channel lately with numerous fresh reviews, some thoroughly entertaining commentary tracks, and a major project the chronicled the evolution of Terminator 2: Judgment Day on home video.  A review of 1978's Superman is on the schedule as well as possibly a redux review of a particular horror film.  Soon, Trent Zuberi, Steve Frazier, and I will be doing a commentary series for the Back to the Future Trilogy!

12:01 Beyond
• The featurette produced by 12:01 Beyond Productions and RavensFilm Productions for the Italian exploitation film Beast With A Gun (aka The Rabid, Mad Dog Killer) is finally being released by Xcess Entertainment on their 4K remastered Region 2 Blu-Ray on March 30th.  The featurette is narrated by Cecil Trachenberg of Good Bad Flicks, and features interviews with Glenn Criddle, Petar Gagic (The Cine-Masochist), Mr. Lobo, and Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob).

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