News & Updates
August, 2018

The Fixer
• On the 26th of August, Tim Wilkens, producer AJ Kolar, and I will meet up to put the final touches on the last piece of music for the film's soundtrack.  TIm has been hard at work with HEMI the last few months, but schedules have finally aligned to get us to this moment in time!  Once we have it all concretely finished off, details of the film's release will be posted. Though, things have looked better in the interim as a very affordable option for the film's DVD release has become known, and will allow for a proper special edition set to be produced.  VOD details are still uncertain for the time being due to the cost involved with producing a subtitle track to meet Amazon Video's criteria.

• The band and I are throwing around ideas for another music video to further promote their album Avalon.  Hopefully, we will have everything settled down in the coming weeks.  Until then, view further details about the band's happenings on their official website.

Forever Cinematic
• A great deal has been developing on the YouTube channel lately with numerous fresh reviews, some thoroughly entertaining commentary tracks, and a review of John Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness, fueled by the new Scream Factory Collector's Edition Blu-Ray.   Co-star Julie Carmen watched and endorsed the review on Twitter.  Next up is a review of 2010's Predators ahead of the Shane Black directed The Predator, due in theatres on September 14th.  Plans are being formed for October's Forever Horror Month with a review of Russell Mulcahy's Razorback on the agenda as Umbrella Entertainment released a new 4K remastered Blu-Ray, and it is Region Free!

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