News & Updates
Summer, 2016

The Fixer
• The ridiculously long journey of this film is finally coming to an end, no matter what. Issues with filling out the film's very prominent soundtrack has held back a release for a very long time as the use of music is very key to the storytelling of the film. A new collaboration is underway with a highly talented and dedicated musician friend of RavensFilm Productions to hopefully bring closure to one of the biggest sequences of the film. Meanwhile, scenes are being enhanced, tightened up, and re-edited to sure up the quality and pace of the movie. Another track has also been acquired to revamp a smaller sequence in the film, which has already proved to be exceeding satisfactory.

The intention will be to give the film a release on Amazon Instant Video alongside a YouTube & Vimeo release. This will maximize the exposure of the movie across several major platforms. A small DVD release may still be likely, but earlier plans for a special double disc special edition seem very impractical due to the hindering cost of having them produced. With physical media being a rather inconsequential medium for independent micro-budget films, most of the bonus content will likely find its way onto the RavensFilm YouTube Channel including deleted / alternate scenes. While uncertain of the participants, there will be at least one audio commentary track recorded for the film at a later date. More details will undoubtedly be sorted out as time goes on, but right now, the focus is on making The Fixer the best film it can be fashioned into at this point in time. The hard work of every tireless, talented, and loyal individual who contributed to this film will be paid off very soon.

• The band is intending to release some Motorhead tribute songs very soon, in memory of the now late Lemmy Kilmister. One of those songs, “Deaf Forever,” already made its live debut at The Barrington in Chicago a few weeks ago. You can check out the complete live set on either the HEMI YouTube Channel or RavensFilm Vimeo account.

12:01 Beyond
• The eclectic video magazine from Josh Hadley and myself has become an enormous success on OSI 74. Now available via the free Roku app, the episodes can be viewed and enjoyed in their entirety from the comfort of your couch. They can also be seen via the Vimeo app on any device via the RFP Vimeo account. Josh & I are hoping to assemble a return episode sometime soon.

Forever Cinematic
• New reviews are being put on an extended hiatus as circumstances do not currently allow me the length of time to dedicate towards the long hours and days it takes to produce these passionate videos. However, there are some videos that were shot some time ago that simply never went into the post-production phase. Either by way of technical audio issues or other reason altogether. If time permits, these videos will be edited over an extended period of time, and released with the notation of when they were originally shot.